Targeting improved returns from the pricing of raw sugar and molasses.

Assisting growers with price risk management.

Employing industry best price risk management techniques.

Accessing global and domestic markets for Australian raw sugar and molasses.

Providing advice and execution services across a range of asset classes to both retail and wholesale clients.


QCS is a licensed commodity business, specialising in the management of price risk and marketing of various commodities. Servicing both retail and wholesale clients, QCS brings a wealth of experience in price risk management and physical marketing.

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Via our Commodity Marketing Agreement, QCS is responsible for managing both the price risk and physical marketing on all raw sugar produced at Mackay Sugar’s mills. In addition, QCS markets on behalf of Mackay Sugar up to 200,000 tonnes of molasses annually, in conjunction with our domestic and international marketing partners.

QCS also offers advanced price risk management and marketing services to sugar cane growers and millers throughout Australia.